A Different Kind of Company

XYN is a unique Native American-owned and operated private enterprise that is positioned to work with prime contractors in the government services and commercial contracting marketplace. We are a socially and ethically responsible enterprise with our culture is imbued in the values and ethics that flow from our Native ownership.  Our goal is to be a valued team player in the federal and state government and the commercial contracting markets because we do what we promise to do, with results constantly delivered at the agreed upon cost, at the specific time, within technical parameters, by employees who are diverse, innovative, creative, and committed.

A Different Kind of Company. A Better Type of Telecom.
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Our Values


Through our Commitment to our Native ownership and values, we will earn your respect and loyalty.


Our promise is to deliver best-in-class technologies coupled with effective processes and the highest ethical standards.


We understand that the variety of services provided must stay ahead of the market – our team is constantly growing and developing with this in mind.


Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.  We provide affordable solutions that meet or exceed your expectations.