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Brett Coldwell
Brett ColdwellEVP of Carrier and IT Relations

Brett Coldwell

Brett Coldwell has more than 15 years of experience in Telecommunication and is responsible for increasing sales by more than $5.0 million per year for the last four years.  He has accomplished this by developing new territories of connectivity and expanding the existing customer base. Brett has been able to develop new products and identify creative solutions that solve customer problems.He has also been responsible for all aspects of recruiting, training and guiding sales agents.

Brett began his career in the industry with Next star Communication in Los Angeles.  As the executive manager of operations, he helped this startup grow its revenues to $5.0 million.  Because the firm was operating as a lean startup, Brett was able to develop and hone many valuable skills.  He was responsible for carrier relationships (both retail and wholesale), unit profitability, and accounting and financial oversight.  Later, he moved to China Telecom in order to learn a different aspect of telecom. There he was responsible for buying and selling air minutes for the day-to-day operations of the U.S. division of carrier to carrier sales.

Prior to entering the telecom industry, he was associated with several other startups in various areas of business.  Further, much of his sales experience was developed in the health insurance industry. Brett started as a sales agent and was later promoted to Regional Vice President with Independent Producers Association. Some of his accomplishments at the firm include having a 95 percent closing ratio and being the top sales agent in the Western Region.