Company Overview

XYN Communications is a Native American, owned and operated, premier telecommunications provider

The mission for XYN is to create the best quality and value available in the telecom industry.  This is accomplished by ensuring our network is built with best-in-class technology and with multiple redundancies across the country for better reliability.  Every voice customer is geo-redundantly routed to ensure the highest uptime.  Our proven ability to offer the most state of the art technology keeps our customers ahead of the ever-changing market.  But, the true value comes from the level of service and attention each contract receives.  We evaluate the needs of our customers and will customize and scale the services resulting in a perfected solution.

The XYN Communication’s team is made up of a diverse array of expertise, backgrounds, and capabilities including government and commercial contracting allowing us to meet the needs of each contract no matter the industry.

XYN Communications Network

Built for Reliability. Built for Trust.

While other carriers are using outdated network equipment, XYN Communications takes pride in continually upgrading our network with the most advanced technology available. XYN understands the importance of redundancy so we have put in place multiple systems with multiple routes.